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Liberation Unleashed
Liberation Unleashed logois an international network of volunteers dedicated to guiding people to awakening from the illusion of separation.

Liberation Unleashed


Elena's blog “Complete Humanity” is a collection of her works with people and personal writings. She is very transparent in sharing her journey of awakening and on-going integration.
Complete Humanity blog

If you would like to arrange for a meeting in your area,
please email Shane Wilson:

You can contact Elena via her Blog or FaceBook.

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Elena Nezhinski

Elena is co-founder of Liberation Unleashed and co-author of the acclaimed book “Gateless Gatecrashers”.

In 2010 Elena woke up to the reality of “no self”. Since then she has been helping others to awaken and see the truth of no self.

In meeting Elena, she invites you to explore direct experience, and get the seeker to see for themselves, if there is a separate individual entity, that is in charge of life.

She uses the Direct Pointing method (experiential looking into present moment) to guide one into seeing for themselves that no separate self exists, allowing one to find peace and to relax into true being.